7 Things Every Bride Must Do Before Buying A Wedding Dress

kleinfeld mara urshelKleinfed co-owner Mara Urshel

Photo: Courtesy of Kleinfeld

It can take a while the find the perfect guy, but finding the perfect dress may be even harder.Not everyone can have the chance to work with a bridal consultant at famous bridal salon Kleinfeld’s in New York, which is featured on TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress.” So co-owner Mara Urshel was kind enough to share some of her tips with us.

Do your research: Bring pictures of gowns from magazines and websites to your appointment. It will give your bridal consultant a general idea of the kind of dress you like: traditional, straight, empire, princess ball gown, etc.

Plan ahead: Give yourself six to 12 months to order a designer bridal gown.

Know your budget: Know your budget. A lot people forget that they have to pay for alterations ($675 at Kleinfeld), a headpiece, a veil, and undergarments. 

Don’t bring an entourage: Do not bring a crowd to your bridal gown appointment. Bring along one or two trusted partners, like your mum, a close friend, etc., for a second opinion. Make sure you bring people you can trust and who will help you select the perfect dress for you–not for them.

Keep an open mind: Listen to the consultant, and try on gowns she suggests. Gowns don’t always look as good on the hanger as they do on the body. Try on as many styles as you can. “Do it; try everything. This is your chance to try on all the dresses in the world and any salon should take the time to work with you to make sure you are happy.”

Don’t forget your underwear: Wear appropriate undergarments, since you will be undressing in front of a sales consultant you never met before. You may also want to wear a strapless bra or the salon may have samples for you to use.

Trust your instincts: You’ll know when it’s “the one,” Urshel says. If you have to be reassured that the gown looks great on you, it’s probably not “the one.” Is this how you pictured yourself looking as a bride? Does the gown suit your personality? Are you comfortable enough in it to enjoy your wedding day?

Now take a tour of Kleinfeld’s sprawling bridal salon >

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