4 Tips For Guys To Look Their Best On The Beach This Summer

swim trunks

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

What’s that you say? Your twenties are behind you, you’ve got a slight paunch, and you just don’t feel that confident anymore by the pool?Well, it happens—even if you’re a dude.

So if you’re looking for a respectable pair of swim trunks that won’t make you look like a bloated starfish ths summer, Ray A. Smith writes in The Wall Street Journal that some brands—among them, Lands’ End and Vilebrequin—are making swim apparel geared to your demographic and body type.

Here’s a few things you should look for:

Find a shorter pair: Your twenties are done with, and you’ll probably look like a doofus in a pair of baggy board shorts hanging over your knees. Shorts that fall around mid-thigh are expected to be popular this summer, Smith writes.

Make sure there’s an elastic waist band: Go easy on your love handles. 

See that you can only fit one or two fingers in the lower leg opening: A style consultant told Smith that four or five fingers means the pair is too big.

Get a pair with side pockets that release air: This is really just a matter of comfort, but Lands’ End has a pair with side mesh lining to prevent your suit from ballooning in the water.

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