Here's How To Get Ready For Your Harvard Law Skype Interview


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The Harvard Law School admission process is expanding, and with that, comes the need for more preparation.Starting next year, the law school will interview applicants via Skype — phone interviews were the norm before — and will increase the number of applicants interviewed from 1,000 to 1,200, according to The Harvard Crimson. 

So what should a Harvard Law hopeful do in one of these Skype interviews? Andrew Lu, from FindLaw, compiled what we think are five good tips to a successful interview:

• Make sure what the interviewer sees behind you on the walls — books and posters — are that of a Harvard Law student. In other words, don’t leave anything embarrassing up.

• Dress as if you are at an actual, physical interview. Look presentable and don’t wear what you do an everyday basis at home — unless you wear a shirt, tie, and dress pants or a dress all day long.

Don’t gesticulate too much. Expressive hand gestures are fine in person, but over Skype, they crowd the computer screen and come off as just too much.

Head over to FindLaw for more tips on how to ace your Harvard Skype interview.

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