TIP OF THE DAY: You Can't Manufacture "Viral," But You Can Experiment Endlessly

john dragoon cmo novell

Today’s tip comes from John Dragoon, Senior VP and CMO of Novell:  

When marketers first turned their attention to social media, we were all looking for that big viral hit where you spend next to nothing but get a ton of exposure. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.
You can have good intentions, you can try to create something that will go viral, but at the end of the day, it’s not going to be you who determines whether it’s going to succeed or not. You just can’t make it so or wish it so.
What you can do, though, is continually experiment and continually get things out there that might go viral…. Ultimately, the low barrier to entry and the ease of use in social media allows you to run an infinite number of low cost experiments.
The only real limits are your imagination and your willingness to put in the effort.  In the end, our job is to positively contribute to the conversations occurring in the market.
— John Dragoon, CMO, Novell

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