TIP OF THE DAY: No Matter How Big You Get, Keep That Start-Up State Of Mind

Jenny Ming

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Today’s tip comes from Jenny Ming, President and CEO of Charlotte Russe, a clothing chain, and former President of Old Navy: 

“I think when we were a $3 billion company, someone said to me, ‘Jenny, we’re not a start-up.’ And I said to them, ‘I think we have to have that mentality of a start-up,’ because I think it’s very healthy to think that way — resources are scarce, so what should we do? I have learned that you always have to have a little bit of that. 
I think it makes you hungry. It makes you the underdog — you want to prove that you can do it. There are many times when you are a start-up that you feel like, ‘I’m here to prove something,’ and I think that sometimes is also healthy. I’m not saying that you should always feel that all the time. But there are certain times you should use that, and there are certain times you shouldn’t.”
Jenny Ming, President and CEO of Charlotte Russe


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