TIP OF THE DAY: Good Bosses Are Always Willing To Do The Dirty Work

Robert Sutton

Photo: Bob Sutton

Today’s tip comes from Robert I. Sutton, author and professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business:

Lousy bosses live in a fantasyland of denial and delusion. They are remarkably adept at inventing excuses for putting off gut-wrenching work.
Bosses of the most productive work groups confronted problems directly and quickly issued more warnings and formal punishments, and promptly fired employees when warnings failed.
These no-nonsense bosses inspired team performance because their words and actions made crystal clear that they would not tolerate crummy work.
If you can’t or won’t perform such unpleasant chores, perhaps you shouldn’t be the boss.

–Robert Sutton, Author, Good Boss, Bad Boss

Read more from Sutton in his new book Good Boss, Bad Boss >


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