TIP OF THE DAY: Fight When It’s Time To Fight, Be Gracious When It’s Time To Give In

Mark Suster

Photo: GRP Partners

Today’s tip comes from Mark Suster, a partner at the venture capital firm GRP Partners:

Let’s say a senior member of your team demanded a pay raise (cash or equity) and you didn’t like the way they approached you.
Sometimes the right thing is to firmly but politely resist the increase. Sometimes the right thing to do is to give in completely.  And sometimes the right thing to do is to compromise. 
But if you DO decide to either compromise or meet their objectives then DON’T be snide or mean-spirited about it.  If you’re going to give in then lavish praise on them as you meet their request.  There’s nothing worse than consenting to the increase and still having them be pissed off about it.
There are many times in life where taking the wrong path causes you to lose twice. Know the difference between fighting (and enjoying it) or giving in, letting go of the angst and choosing to be zen. So in business when it’s time to fight – fight.  When it’s time to concede or compromise – do so graciously.  Don’t lose twice.

— Mark Suster, Partner, GRP Partners
Read more from Suster at his blog, BothSidesoftheTable.com >


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