TIP OF THE DAY: Adopt A Design-Thinking Approach To Business

Andy Smith

Photo: Dragonfly Effect

Today’s tip comes from Andy Smith, a Principal of Vonavona Ventures and author of The Dragonfly Effect:

The case for adopting a design-thinking approach to business in general—and on the social web in particular—is actually quite simple.
Design thinking helps creators get over unintentional biases and misconceptions.  Time and again, initiatives falter because they’re developed with the brand, organisation, or cause—rather than individuals’ needs—foremost in mind.
Design-thinking offers tools to address these challenges, get into other peoples’ heads and hearts, understand their needs, and iteratively test to determine how best to address those needs.
–Andy Smith, Author, Dragonfly Effect
For more on design, business and social media, see the Dragonfly Effect blog


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