Sydney children's platform Tinybeans just did a deal with Walmart in the US

Scott Barbour/Getty Images for VRC

ASX-listed Tinybeans, a digital platform for parents to capture their children’s life stories, has done a deal with retail giant Walmart in the US.

Walmart brands including Walmart, Sam’s Club and have all begun advertising on the Tinybeans platform.

“Tinybeans is really excited that Walmart recognises the value of our audience of more than two million parents and families,” says Eddie Geller, Tinybeans Executive Chairman and CEO.

“With unparalleled brand awareness and value in the US, Walmart’s presence signals to other retailers and the advertising community at large that the Tinybeans audience is a growing and important part of their marketing spend.”

Tinybeans, founded in Sydney in 2012, had 798,645 active users at the end of December.

Revenue for the half year was $747,674. The company posted a loss of $2.27 million.

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