Tiny Island Of Tuvalu Goes All Solar Powered


US Commerce Secretary talks tough, says China must pay to reduce emissions. [Reuters]

Nissan is scared that there won’t be enough demand for electric cars. [Bloomberg]

Samsung will spend $4.3 billion in the next four years to green its operations. [Greentech Media]

Tiny island nation of Tuvalu is only going to be powered by solar. [Clean Technica]

Pick out which electric car will eventually be right for you. [Ride Lust]

Intelligent Energy raises $33 million to commercialize fuel cell technology. [FT]

OptiSolar’s manufacturing plant sits abandoned in California. [Sacto Bee]

Don’t worry about Wall Street and carbon credits. [Climate Progress]

How the oil and gas industries will remake their profiles. [Politico]

Activists release a plan to storm global climate talks in Copenhagen in December. [Guardian]

We need more permanant, long term spending plans for green, not one offs like the stimulus. [C-T.com]

Q and A with GE’s head of global research. [MIT Tech Review]

All the recent train crashes are foolishly making people wary of trains. [Infrastructurist]

A 259 car pile up on the Autobahn, largest ever. [Jalopnik]

Worries about what the Treasury grants for renewables means to private equity. [Dow Jones]

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