These Tiny Homes Cost Under $60K And Could Help You Save Just As Much

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Living in a tiny house takes a major adjustment, but one thing’s for sure: It’ll save you serious money. The homes listed here all cost $60,000 and under, and aside from not requiring a mortgage, they’ve all been built to eco-friendly standards, so you’re guaranteed to shave cash off your utility bills.

In fact smaller homes have been cited as one of the important trends to come out of the housing crash, becoming even more relevant as heating costs rise.

This solar-powered cabin has a woodstove, hand-pump well and loft sleeping area. Listed for $58,000, it sits on 3 acres.

This steel-sided mobile home is priced to roll away for $57,500. The living area features a pullout sofa, storage and recessed book shelving.

Easy access to downtown Seattle's nightlife makes this Lake Union home worth its $55,000 asking price.

Set atop a trailer for easy moving, this all-natural, 2-bedroom home is going for $55,000.

This log cabin is actually larger than it looks: It has 2 bedrooms, an extra loft and room and 2 covered porches. It's listed for $49,000.

For $30,000, this custom home comes equipped with central A/C and heat, plus a 40-inch flat screen.

On 2.70 acres, this $28,500 one-bedroom cabin in Maine measures 320 sq. ft.

This 2-bedroom home is wired for the digital age and priced well at $28,000. The shed has a Bikeport that can easily fold for travel.

The Forget-Me-Not Chapel in Texas could host weddings, family gatherings or be converted into a B&B. Asking price: $69,000.

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