This tiny minimalist apartment has an ‘origami wall’ that creates different rooms

Origami apt
The ‘Biocombastic apartment’ in Madrid. Vimeo/ImagenSubliminal

When you live in an apartment that measures less than 400 square feet, a multi-functional space is a necessity.

A new, 312-square-foot pad, called the “Biocombastic,” takes multi-purpose design to a new level. Spotted by InHabitat, a video of the apartment shows a screen wall that can fold out to create different layouts inside the space. 

The moveable screen has three bendable wood-reinforced panels. Depending on the owner’s needs, it can fold to separate a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room, giving the apartment an origami-like flexibility.

The partition is secured to the wall with hinges, and can un-attach and move freely around the room. The lines on the floor and walls help the owner align the screen to create different formations. 

The Biocombastic apartment also features built-in furniture pieces that fold down from the wall, including a table (which doubles as an ironing board), washing machine, and bed.

Designed by Elli Architects, the minimalist apartment is located in Madrid. The firm has created similar built-in screens for a house and another tiny apartment in the city as well.

To take a tour, check out the Vimeo video below:

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