Tinder Just Made Its First Match In Antarctica

Here’s proof that there’s a chance to find love just about anywhere: Tinder just made its first match in Antarctica.

New York Magazine has the story.

An American scientist conducting research at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station decided to log on to Tinder — the social dating and hook-up app that’s become popular in the last year, especially in densely populated cities.

“He’d been using the mobile dating app in the States for a few months,” reports NYMag, “and wanted to see if there were any available women out on the loveless tundra.”

In a city like New York, you could find an endless scroll screen of matches. But in Antarctica, that isn’t the case.

At first, no profiles showed up.

NYMag’s Grace Wyler says when the researcher expanded the app’s location radius, there was a match: “another researcher, working at a deep field camp a 45-minute helicopter ride away from the base station. He swiped right, indicating his interest, and a few minutes later, they matched.”

When they met up, the interaction was brief — she was leaving Antarctica the next day — but he expects they’ll hang out again before the end of the summer research season.

Tinder doesn’t keep statistics on its users in Antarctica, the company agreed that this was probably the first match on the continent.

You can read the full story at NYMag here.

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