'You have no reason to say no. You are ON A DATING SITE': Woman shares harassing messages man on Tinder sent her after she swiped left on him

  • Earlier this month, a Canadian woman shared the harassing messages a man on Tinder sent her after she rejected him on the app.
  • The 20-year-old woman, Julia, said she swiped left on the man, but then he messaged her on Instagram.
  • The unnamed man criticised Julia for being too picky on the dating app, which allows users to swipe right to match with people they are attracted to and left on people they are not interested in meeting.

A man who was rejected by a woman on Tinder tracked her down on Instagram to criticise her for swiping left on him.

Thanks to a new feature that allows users of the dating app to sync their Instagram accounts to their Tinder profiles, users aren’t as anonymous anymore.

It was that feature that allowed the disgruntled user to reach out to 20-year-old Julia, a retail worker from Ontario.

In a post on Twitter on November 17, Julia shared screenshots showing that the man had harassed her with more than a dozen messages on Instagram, saying she had no right to turn him down because using the app means she’s looking to date.

Despite her repeated demands to stop messaging her, the unnamed man continued to inundate her inbox, writing that she was being “irrational”:

“You have no reason to say no. You are ON A DATING SITE.

“You obviously want to meet new people.

“But instead of a real man, you’re doing to choose some f—boy child. Than [sic] wonder what’s wrong with guys. It’s bull—-.”

Julia responded by telling the man “leave me alone, please” and said he was being “forceful and creepy.”

“How am I creepy? Lol,” he responded. “Girls like you are why guys are such a–holes. So if a guy has ever been mean hurtful or an a–hole to you, just remember this conversation.”

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He added that the “F—ed up thing is, if we met in person, you would love me haha,” and, “It’s your loss” before concluding:

“Why are you even alive? What’s the point if you’re just going to spread misery and negativity? What a waste…”

After the last message, Julia blocked him.

She told INSIDER that she’s been using Tinder “on and off” for about a year, and that she’s gotten “weird messages” from men she hasn’t matched with before, but “nothing like this.”

After the incident, she said, she immediately unlinked her Instagram account from her Tinder profile.

She said the harassment has left her “a little afraid” and that she’s more cautious now leaving work at night in the dark.

“I want every man who reads those messages and is disturbed or uncomfortable by them in any way to take a look into their personal lives and make sure they don’t allow their friends or other men [in] their lives to treat women poorly,” Julia said.

She continued, “I think a very big part of men acting like this towards women is that they know no one will say anything to them about it, and they won’t be held accountable, and I want that to change.”

While she reported the harasser to Instagram, she said she wasn’t able to report him to Tinder because his profile had no personal details or even his name, age, or a photo of him.

The man’s Instagram profile appears to have since been taken down or deleted.

Tinder did not immediately respond to INSIDER’s request for comment.

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