Tinder is going to let you play matchmaker by 'sharing' someone's profile with a friend

Share button tinderTinder/Business InsiderThe share button.

Tinder is testing out a “share” button that lets you send someone’s Tinder profile to a friend.

Tinder describes the feature as a chance for you to play matchmaker. Once you send the profile, your friend will have the opportunity to swipe “yes” or “no” on the profile, and wait and see if they have a match.

Tinder confirmed to Business Insider that these “profile links” are only directly shareable via text message, though the feature may have previously included integration with other messaging apps like WhatsApp and GroupMe, according to MEL. You could also theoretically copy and paste the link anywhere, though Tinder revealed the links will expire after five clicks or 72 hours.

Here’s an idea of how the feature might work. You come across someone on Tinder who is in your extended social circle, but that you don’t really know. You remember that your friend had a crush on them once upon a time. Instead of telling your friend to get on Tinder ASAP and swipe through the entire world to find him or her, you just text the profile and see if the sparks fly.

Your immediate reaction to a Tinder share button might be horror. Someone can share my Tinder profile? But you have to remember that people already have the ability to share your profile on Tinder. It’s called a screenshot, it takes one second, and people do it all the time.

And with the share button’s built-in self-destruct settings, it seem like an inferior way of poking fun at someone’s Tinder profile compared just taking a screenshot of their profile. If you’re worried about that, you can also just opt out of having a shareable profile in Tinder’s settings.

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