Tinder is not a game anymore and some people just aren’t ready for it

Tinder is not a game anymore, you guys. 

In its latest update, the popular dating app has changed one of its most iconic phrases:

Instead of prompting users who get a match to either message their prospective partner or “keep playing,” Tinder now instructs people to “keep swiping.”


It’s also eliminated the “Tell Your Friends” sharing button from the bottom of the main match screen. A spokesperson tells us that the company is testing this new update with iOS users, and that it hasn’t rolled out to all Android smartphone owners yet. 

The phrase “keep playing” was emblematic of the way that Tinder has completely gamified dating.

Getting started is easy, since Tinder pulls pictures and information from a user’s existing Facebook, and choosing someone (“swiping right” on their profile) is based more on snap-judgments about their photos than it is on reading about them. Using it really does feel like “playing” — the ease of quickly swiping through profiles, the thrill of a match, and the endless flood of options makes Tinder more lighthearted and fun than dating app alternatives where you have to read through paragraphs of profile information. 

And now, some users are mourning the carefree days of yore:






Of course, there are some people who thought the “keep playing” minimized the weight of their quest for romance, and for those people, this change will likely come as a pleasant surprise:

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