Tinder CEO Says Security Is 'Top Priority' Following Security Flaw That Showed User Locations

Tinder CEO Sean Rad just responded to reports of a security flaw that let people see another person’s exact location for “much of 2013.”

When the dating app matches users, it gives them a general idea of how faw away they are. But it is not supposed to let others track you down to the street corner you’re standing on.

That flaw has no been fixed, Rad tels us.

Here’s the official statement provided to Business Insider:

Include Security identified a technical exploit that theoretically could have led to the calculation of a user’s last known location. Shortly after being contacted, Tinder implemented specific measures to enhance location security and further obscure location data. We did not respond to further inquiries about the specific security remedies and enhancements taken as we typically do not share the specifics of Tinder’s security measures. We are not aware of anyone else attempting to use this technique. Our users’ privacy and security continue to be our highest priority.

Using an algorithm called “Trilateration,” researchers at Include Security were able to get the exact latitude and longitude coordinates for any Tinder user. What was really problematic was that anyone with basic programming skills could accomplish this by simply tapping into Tinder’s API, according to Include Security.

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