WATCH: Here’s The Children’s Book Tina Fey Has Been Maligning On Her Press Tour

my working mum

Author Peter Glassman might be rethinking his taste in cover art right about now.

Tina Fey has been talking about her experiences his 1994 children’s book, My Working mum, as a key moment in her struggle to decide whether or not to have a second baby.

The book inspired the penultimate moment of Fey’s essay in The New Yorker and came up again during her appearance on “Conan” last night (video below.)

Fey’s main issue with Glassman’s book? The cover.

As you can see (we thought she might have been exaggerating for the sake of comedy, but no!) — the illustration on the cover of My Working mum is, indeed, a witch and her cauldron.

Unless Glassman’s own wife or mother was actually a high-powered witching executive, perhaps at a broom transportation agency — yeah, we agree, this is pretty inexcusable.