Newsweek Editor Tina Brown Had No Idea Newsweek Had A Japanese Correspondent

tina brown

When Tina Brown took over Newsweek, she was bound to learn some new things about the publication.

But you would think she would at least know who she was paying to report from locations around the world.

According to a profile in The New York Times Magazine, you would be wrong.

“What I love about Newsweek, it’s truly a global magazine,” Brown continued. “People keep showing up — we discovered we have a Japanese correspondent! That’s kind of thrilling — there is a Japanese Newsweek, and there’s a very good Polish Newsweek, all these global editions, we have a great Moscow bureau chief. It’s thrilling to feel the global reach of Newsweek, because there are very few brands left that have that kind of traction. There’s the BBC, CNN, The New York Times, the Times of London, Time and Newsweek.”

To be honest though, there’s something pretty charming about that whole revelation. Brown’s enthusiasm is wonderful.