'The Daily Beast' To Launch Its Own Talk Show

Tina Brown

Photo: WSJ.com

From Editor-In-Chief (back) to talk show host? Maybe.Tina Brown‘s The Daily Beast is preparing to launch an online talk show, according to The New York Observer.

The Observer reports the Newsweek/Daily Beast Company has recently hired network television producers, including Susie Banikarim and Kathy O’Hearn, who last worked with Brown on CNBC’s “Topic [A]” ahead of launching a online talk show.


Though not confirming the rumours, Newsweek Daily Beast representative Andrew Kirk hinted to The Observer that the company could be preparing for such a venture:

“We have a number of original video projects evolving for The Daily Beast…and we’ll have the ability to do live network and cable news spots in our redesigned Newsweek Daily Beast office space.”

The show’s details are not yet clear, but it looks like the show’s format won’t exactly be groundbreaking:

“The new project will have ‘at least some chat show material,’ said a former staffer; another said it would be employ a format similar to The View…[another source tells The Observer] the show would take the form of one-off webisodes, such as webcast Q&As from events like the Women in the World Summit.”

Whatever the format, maybe the show could deliver a much needed boost to Brown’s Newsweek, the ad pages of which were down 27% in the first half of 2011?

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