Tina: Advertising Coming To Daily Beast ‘By Late Spring’


In December, IAC (IACI) CEO Barry Diller said he thought the Daily Beast, the Tina Brown-helmed new media startup, would go two or three years before making any money.

If things go right, Barry will start seeing a return on his investment in the legendary editor a lot sooner than that. Speaking at an event at the Columbia Journalism School earlier tonight, Tina said she thought advertising would debut on the site “by late spring.”

“We’re getting a lot of overtures on advertising, the idea was to have a three month workshop before we went out to advertisers,” Tina said. “We believe, Barry Diller believes, that the advertising model will work online.”

If Tina can really sit back and let the advertisers come to her, we’re jealous. The Daily Beast still carries no ads, but has an “advertise with us” page.

And Tina — a Vanity Fair / New Yorker alum who knows the business inside and out — had some interesting advice for the J-school students in the audience: Move to India.

“If I was a young reporter, I’d go to India,” Tina (channeling IBM?) told the crowd. “India is full of the most amazing magazines and newspapers. Delhi is such a vibrant news culture, it feels like Dublin at the time of Yeats. It’s full of people debating arts and literature.”

Of course, we have no idea what, if anything, Indian media outlets pay. But as fairly recent Columbia J-school grads ourselves, frankly, we hope to never find out.