Timothy Olyphant May Be Doing More "Damages"


When news emerged Monday that Timothy Olyphant had been cast in an FX drama pilot, many people assumed that this meant he wouldn’t be reprising his role as Wes Krulik on FX’s legal thriller Damages, for which he recently completed a season-long arc.

But Damages co-creator Todd Kessler emphatically insists that Olyphant is not off of the show.

“We had a fantastic time working with him, and he’s expressed interest in wanting to come back,” Kessler said before Tuesday night’s Emmy panel on the show. “And that pilot that he’s in is actually for FX and for the same studio that does our show, Sony, so it couldn’t be more conducive to bringing him back for our season as well.”

Later during the event itself, Kessler added that Olyphant’s new gig is just a pilot, and while they certainly hope it gets picked up, if the schedules work out, they would want him to come back for season 3.

This should be welcome news to Damages fans considering that Olyphant’s character’s storyline was still very active at the end of season two.

As for whether other high-profile season two additions William Hurt and Marcia Gay Harden would be back for the third season, Todd Kessler’s brother and fellow Damages co-creator, Glenn Kessler said it really all depends on availability.

“We always like to keep our options open, if there are stories that we’d like to tell,” Glenn said. “We love our cast and we feel very fortunate to get these actors that we’ve gotten, and if the story or opportunity presents itself, we’re always hoping to continue.”

We’re not holding our breath that William Hurt will be back, since he’s publicly expressed his displeasure with the speed of working in television and even switched agencies shortly after season two began airing. But we would be happy to see Marcia Gay Harden’s Claire Maddox return for more.

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