Weird: Stocks Crash On Geithner’s 50th Birthday, Just Like They Did For Obama’s


It’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s 50th birthday and the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged nearly 500 points this morning. 

The market fell the same amount on Obama’s too.

The Dow pared earlier losses and is now off 400, but it’s a funny coincidence that when President Obama celebrated his 50th birthday on August 4th, the market also suffered a 500-point drop.

We’re not sure how the Treasury Secretary will be celebrating the big 5-0, but we have a call in and we’ll let you know when/if we find out. 

One clue to his celebration plans: he received a wet suit this month as an early birthday present.

It’s also Austan Goolsbee’s 42nd birthday. Too bad he’s already gone. That would have been a fun party. 

Other notable birthdays today include Matt Chandler (Dept. of Homeland Security), Rosalynn Carter (President Carter’s wife), Kim Haddow (Sierra Club), Beth Grupp (former finance director for Sen. Kennedy), Pam Houston, Jua Johnson (former DNC deputy director) and Bob Dvorsky (Iowa senator district 15).