Timex Is Thinking About Releasing A More Consumer-Friendly Smartwatch Next Year

TimexTimexA photo of the Timex Classic Round watch

Timex is thinking about releasing a new smartwatch focused on a more mainstream consumer audience in 2015, Timex told Business Insider.

The watch wouldn’t focus on fitness and running statistics like the company’s current line of Iron Man watches.

Rather, this watch would be geared towards all consumers — not just athletes — and would probably need to tether to your smartphone to carry out most of its tasks.

This would be different than the company’s Ironman One GPS+ watch, which has its own 3G radio inside for sending short messages without a phone.

Timex said it’s looking at a product like this, which would more closely resemble its line of standard analogue watches, for its 2015 roadmap. The company couldn’t comment on a more specific time frame, however.

Timex hinted that this watch would be smaller and thinner than its fitness watches, saying that products like the Ironman One GPS+ are thicker because they has so many sensors packed inside for measuring certain statistics.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a confirmation that Timex will launch a new smartwatch next year — just some strong evidence that makes it seem likely.

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