Times Square Bomber Is Linked To Notorious Terrorist organisation

Times Square car bomb

The alleged would-be Times Square bomber has links to the Pakistani terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed, or in English, The Army of Mohammed, according to the Financial Times.

One of the individuals arrested in Pakistan in connection with the plot, Mohammad Rehan, is a member of the organisation.

Jaish-e-Mohammed is most commonly known for its involvement with the Kashmiri-Indian independence movement, and for fighting along the border of Afghanistan in the Waziristan region of Pakistan.

The organisation is also known for several high profile terrorist attacks:

  • Indian Parliament Attack of 2001, where 7 were killed
  • A plot to blow up a synagogue in New York was broken up by an individual who posed as a member of the organisation.
  • The death of U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl
  • 5 Americans were detained around Washington D.C. with suspected links to the organisation
  • Countless attacks inside Pakistan

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