Time Warner Is Giving Away Slingboxes To Its Top Tier Customers

time warner ipad

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Time Warner Cable will offer free on Slingbox to subscribers who opt for the top of the line $99-a-month “Wideband” Internet service, The New York Times reports.The device, which costs $300, allows people to watch their home television from anywhere.

While this is a nice perk for Time Warner customers, it’s also a shot at the content companies like Viacom who have been in legal fights with Time Warner.

Time Warner, and other cable companies, have been pushing to deliver channels to iPads, computers, and other “screens.” The content companies like Viacom have been trying their best to stop the cable companies from putting their shows on those alternative screens.

By giving customers Slingboxes, Time Warner is somewhat sidestepping the controversy. Slingbox is 100% legal, somehow, when the cable companies’ solutions aren’t.

For once when it comes to cable, the consumer seems to have won.