Time Warner Is Making Life Worse For Netflix Users To Try To Sell More DVDs

Jeff Bewkes

In case you might’ve forgotten, Netflix still rents physical DVDs to those who want them.

But now those mail subscribers will need to wait a little longer for Warner Bros. movies.

Time Warner will now make Redbox and Netflix wait 56 days after the release of a DVD before they can rent it out, up from the previous buffer of 28, Peter Kafka reports.

(Edmund Lee of Bloomberg just tweeted that Redbox didn’t agree to the 56-day window, and that 28 is still in place.)

Time Warner’s CEO Jeff Bewkes has fired at Netflix in the past, saying their economic model won’t be able to support the rising costs of streaming rights.

And HBO’s not playing ball either: they’ve said they will stop selling discounted DVDs to Netflix. With Reed Hastings calling HBO GO Netflix’s chief rival, it’s no surprise.