Time Warner Chief Hallucinates at Cable Show, Speaks Truth

Dick Parsons must have puffed on something stronger than a peace-pipe before taking the stage at the National Cable & Telecommunications Conference this week.  Addressing the growing tension between Big Media and Google, et al, the normally thoughtful Time Warner chief drew an analogy to one of the most famous battles in the conquest of the American west.

“The Googles of the world, they are the Custer of the modern world. We are the Sioux nation,”  Reuters quotes Parsons as saying, referring to the Civil War American general George Custer who was defeated by Native Americans in a battle dubbed “Custer’s Last Stand.” They will lose this war if they go to war,” Parsons added, “The notion that the new kids on the block have taken over is a false notion.”

Um, OK, but leaving aside the outcome and horrific violence of this particular clash (if memory serves, Sioux squaws completed the massacre by collecting scalps and family jewels from Custer’s still-living soldiers), who won the war?  Despite his apparent intention to express confidence in Big Media, perhaps Parsons was actually just being his usual forthright self: Time Warner, et al (the Sioux Nation), might win a battle or two, but there’s no question about which side will ultimately prevail.

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