Time Warner And Viacom Settle Cable Feud

Time Warner and Viacom have reached an accord in their fee squabble. So you still have another option for watching The Daily Show other than on the Internet.

WSJ: Negotiations over the fees paid to networks by cable companies have become trickier as the increase in internet viewing of shows, as well as the recession, have pressured both sides to protect revenue streams.

Stations owned by LIN TV Corp. went dark on Time Warner Cable for four weeks in October as the two sides wrangled over fees, and Univision Communications Inc., CBS Corp., NBC Universal, Hearst-Argyle Television Inc. and Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. are all engaged in similar negotiations.

Viacom said Wednesday it was seeking a 12% overall increase in carriage fees from Time Warner Cable, which amounts to a monthly increase of 23 cents per subscriber.

Time Warner Cable, which is the fourth-largest television service provider in the U.S., said Viacom was pushing for a fee increase of 22% and 36% per channel. The cable giant had asked for an extension of negotiations but Viacom had rejected that, accusing Time Warner Cable of being unresponsive and not negotiating in good faith.

Time Warner Cable accused Viacom of seeking to make up for its sagging ratings and advertising revenue at the expense of its customers.

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