Times Square Terrorists Busted Because They Are Bad At YouTube

Authorities arrested Faisal Shahzad last night, the man they believe is responsible for the failed Times Square bombing attempt, and there are indications that one piece of evidence that led them to him — and identified the foreign terror group behind the attack — was a video posted on YouTube the day before the attack.

In the video, a man believed to be Qari Hussain Mehsud, suicide bomber trainer and an important figure in the Pakistani Taliban, takes credit for the “jaw-breaking blow” against the United States. According to intelligence sources who spoke to the Long War Journal, Shahzad — a naturalized US citizen — is believed to have spent time in al-Qaeda or Taliban training camps in North Waziristan during a recent return to his native Pakistan.

The video was uploaded to YouTube from Connecticut by people believed to be Shahzad’s collaborators. Connecticut is also where the car used in the bombing attempt and the licence plate stolen for it were obtained.

Taking credit for an attack before it happens is presumably a good way for a group to prove it really was responsible. It’s also incredibly stupid.

Via Danger Room, here’s the video in question:

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