Time Square Car Bomb: Police Investigate Link To "South Park" And 2007 London Bombing

South Park

Last night, an undetonated car bomb forced the evacuation of Times Square.

Police were alerted to smoke coming from an SUV, before finding canisters of propane and an electronic trigger.

Fortunately nobody got hurt as the bomb didn’t go off.

There’s still no definitive answer to who was behind the bomb, but according to UK’s The Telegraph, police are investigating whether there’s any connection between the foiled attack and the controversial episode of South Park, which drew the ire of some Muslim extremists, who vowed revenge. The article notes the proximity between the van (at 45th and Broadway) and the Viacom building at 1515 Broadway.

Beyond that, investigators are also looking into the similarity between this device and that of a 2007 London Nightclub bombing.

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