HOLY CRAP! Check Out How Thin This Issue Of Time Magazine Is!

Time magazine was kind enough to send us a couple of complimentary issues to showcase its Davos coverage.

(Yes, we know, Davos was months ago, but we guess some folks are still interested in it.)

Anyway, the main thing that occurred to us as we slipped the issues out of the envelope was that there must be some sort of mistake.

These couldn’t be actual issues of Time magazine, could they? These pamphlets?

Time magazine used to be thick and beefy, stuffed chock full of ads. Of the newsweeklies, it was supposed to just be Newsweek that had shat the bed–Time magazine was supposedly still coining money. So these HAD to be some sort of special international edition, didn’t they?

It seems not.

As best we can tell, the two issues Time was kind enough to send us are ACTUAL RECENT ISSUES.

And, holy crap, are they thin!!!

Here’s a top-down view. That’s a pen on the left and an iPhone on the right.

Time Magazine top

And here’s the sideview. The pen (left) and iPhone (right) tower over the darn thing!  In fact, the magazine is hardly thicker than the iPhone’s SCREEN!

Time Magazine side

Here’s hoping Time’s circulation revenue is hanging in there. Because they sure can’t be eating well on those ads…

UPDATE: Daniel Kile of Time magazine tells us that this was, in fact, the international edition and that the US edition that week was 15 pages longer.  Daniel also adds that January is a horrible month for advertising and that Time is “solidly profitable.”

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