TIME MAGAZINE: Hey, Business Insider, That Pamphlet You Photographed Was Our International Edition -- Our US Edition Was 15 Pages Bigger

Earlier today we published some photographs of a shockingly thin Time magazine, whose width was barely larger than that of an iPhone screen.

Prior to taking those photographs, we had searched the cover of the magazine for any hint that what we were viewing was not, in fact, the US edition of the magazine but some fancy international edition, but we didn’t find any. So we assumed it was the US edition.

But no!

After we published our photos, Daniel Kile of Time was kind enough to tell us that what we had photographed was the international edition and that the US edition was 15 pages longer. (A whole 15 pages!).  And it was printed on thicker paper. So we assume that the US edition of that week’s magazine would have been SOLIDLY thicker than an iPhone screen.

But Daniel also pointed out that we had been looking at a January issue, and January is a horrible month for ads. He also messengered over a couple of February issues, which are thicker.  And he noted that Time magazine is “solidly profitable.”

So, here’s the same photo series we showed earlier, this time using a February US issue. It’s more than half as thick as an iPhone!

time thick

Photo: The Business Insider

And here’s the sideview.

time thick

Photo: The Business Insider

And now check out the anorexic January edition, which scared the bejeezus out of us >

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