Time Magazine Puts A Young Romney On Its Cover

Here’s the upcoming cover of Time Magazine, with Mitt and his mother. The feature is about the Lenore Romney’s 1970 run for the U.S. Senate. 

Here’s the preview, available at Time:

No presidential nominee until now has grown up with two parents who ran for high office or so much early exposure to the craft. Their public ruin seared him and schooled him. The lessons he drew have shaped his ambitions, his calculations of risk and his strategy for achieving what hismother and father could not. Bluntly put, Mitt learned from each of his parents how to lose an election. He found much to emulate as well, but longtime associates and family members say it became his prime concern to avoid their mistakes. As he constructed a political persona, they say, his father’s career naturally loomed large—but ultimately his choices owed more to Lenore than to George.

Time Magazine Cover Mitt

Photo: Time

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