Paywall Fail: Times Of London Circulation Collapses As Company's Online Strategy Falters

Rupert Murdoch

One of the inherent logics of a paywall may have been proved wrong, according to new statistics from the UK’s Audit Bureau of Circulation (via The Guardian).

The Times of London suffered the largest yearly fall in circulation of any non-tabloid British paper this year, falling 13.33% to 446,684.

So, despite its much-hyped paywall strategy and an impressive number of scoops this year, the paper has not only suffered reportedly poor figures in online adoption, but now print readers are no longer reading either.

Of course there’s other factors involved here (May 2010 was the British election of course, so all papers were likely to get a circulation boost that year), but it is another piece of evidence that paywalls may not inherently protect the value of editorial content, either online or in print.

Recent data from the New York Times would suggest otherwise.

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