Incredible Time-Lapse Video Shows Life In The US Air Force's Europe Headquarters

Germany’s Ramstein Air Base, the headquarters of the US Air Force in Europe, is a 24-hour operation with an astounding 17,000 military and civilians on staff.

The 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs office has released a time-lapse video to highlight the work that goes into maintaining Ramstein as the critical hub that links the US to Europe, Africa, and western Asia.

The video, created from over 700 minutes of video and 7,000 pictures compiled by 30 public affairs personnel, provides an unparalleled view into the daily life of US Air Force Airmen.

As the video is over 7 minutes long, we have created GIFs of the video highlights below.

Operations within Ramstein run 24/7. That means pilots must be ready to flight plan at any hour of the day.

The vast majority of planes flying through Ramstein transport cargo, meaning that cargo handlers, load masters, drivers, and mechanics must all be ready to handle any incoming or outgoing aircraft.

Not all operations on Ramstein are dedicated to planes. Here, a specialist practices at explosive ordinance disposal.

Elsewhere on base, an Air Force dentist inspects a service member’s teeth. Ramstein offers everything Airmen and civilians might need right on base.

Physical fitness is critical to the military, and Airmen must pass annual physical fitness tests.

Of course, while some personnel are on the ground, pilots and loadmasters are constantly carrying out both practice and mission drops throughout the day.

Despite civilians’ focus on the Air Force flying planes, the branch also trains ground forces.

Ramstein’s fire brigade is constantly training to provide fire protection both against aircraft fires and those in neighbouring German communities.

You can see the full video below.

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