Time Magazine Introduces America To The $US16 Trillion Woman

Janet Yellen has gone mainstream.

The recently confirmed chair of the Federal Reserve is on the cover of Time magazine and Rana Foroohar has an exclusive interview.

And Yellen sounds optimistic.

“I think we’ll see stronger growth this year,” she said. “Most of my colleagues on the Fed’s policymaking committee and I are hopeful that the first digit [of GDP growth] could be 3 rather than 2… The recovery has been frustratingly slow, but we’re making progress in getting people back to work, and I anticipate that inflation will move back toward our longer-run goal of 2 per cent.”

Fighting disinflation will be one of the tough tasks ahead for Yellen as she faces pressure to wind down the Fed’s extraordinarily easy monetary policy.

Read the whole interview at Time.com.

*$16 trillion represents the size of the U.S. economy.

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