INSTANT MBA: Time Is Money, But More Time Doesn't Equate To More Money

Emily Eldridge

Photo: YouTube

Today’s advice comes from Emily Eldridge, co-founder of The Agency Post and CEO of Pure, via Inc.: “When you’re working too hard, you lose sight of the big picture—and of your health. I ended up getting sick a few times; each time, I’d have at least a small epiphany about something we should have been doing differently.”

Eldridge says that there were times when she worked 100-plus hour weeks. Because she loved her job, she thought this was OK, even when other people told her that she’d burn out.

According to Eldridge, not only is over-working bad for your health, it can actually hurt your performance. Putting in too many hours at work can make you feel rushed, making the tasks in front of you appear daunting and endless. Business owners should give themselves and their employees ample time to breathe between  projects, take in the work they’ve done, and brainstorm before taking on a new assignment.

“I forced myself to take a step back and spend less time working—not to conserve energy or establish a work-life balance, but to gain perspective and be more thoughtful in my approach. So far, it’s paid off.”

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