13 Stunning Composite Photos Of Singapore

Photographs freeze the world around us — unless they’re by Singapore-based
photographer Fong Qi Wei.

Intrigued by photographing time, Wei created single, composite pictures from a sequence of images spanning 2-4 hours. He concentrated on capturing sunrises and sunsets as they evolved over different landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes.

He then digitally stitched the images together to get a snapshot of time passing over the scene for his series “Time is a Dimension.”

“Most paintings and photographs are an instance of time,” Wei explained in his artist’s statement. “That’s not the way the world works. We experience a sequence of time, and that’s why a video is somehow more compelling than a freeze frame.”

A plane flies over the Changi Beach dock in Singapore in the early morning.

People walk along the Changi Beach as the sun sets.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel comes alive at night in Wei's compilation photograph.

A gorgeous Heliconia tropical plant stands still as time surges around it.

Stacked circles show the passing of time over Singapore's China town.

Families sit down for dinner as the sun sets over a Singapore housing development.

Fireworks light up the night at the Singapore National Day Parade 2013.

Banners cross the sky and the city lights up during the Singapore National Day Parade 2013.

The sun sets over one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore -- the Tiong Bahru Estate.

A glass building mirrors the sky in Singapore as the sun goes down over the city.

Night radiates from this image of Bukit Gombak, Singapore.

Day turns to night while people fly kites at the Marina Barage in Singapore.

Boats float in the marina and buildings light up as night falls over downtown Singapore.

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