FLASHBACK: The Rough Guide To The Internet... In 1999

1999 was in some ways a simpler time, a bygone era in which a leading Internet guidebook’s first page could open with the question: “OK, what’s this Internet good for?”

The book then follows this question up with a host of others.

  • “Is there a lot of really weird stuff on the Net?”
  • “But isn’t it yet another male-dominated bastion?”
  • “What’s electronic mail, again?”
  • “So, is this the Information Superhighway?”

Well, yes, it is the “Information Superhighway,” a term which itself sounds straight out of a previous century, but it’s not the superhighway that we’re driving on today. When Ars Science Editor John Timmer unearthed a copy of 1999’s Rough Guide to the Internet, we decided to take a look back at just what has changed in the last decade—and what has remained depressingly the same.

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