Tim Tebow Would Consider Running For Office Some Day

Tim Tebow

Photo: ESPN

ESPN’s Rich Cimini talked to everybody’s favourite quarterback Tim Tebow this week and the Jet revealed some interesting information about himself.The best takeaways:

  • Tebow hasn’t “ruled out” running for office some day.
  • His favourite band is Rascal Flatts
  • He wears elastic wrist bands around his arms with names on them every day at practice and they all have to do with kids with cancer he has mentored.
  • His favourite Broadway show he’s seen is “Wicked”
  • He signed his first autograph when he was 15: “Someone came up to me and handed me a baseball and said, ‘Would you please sign this baseball because I think you have a chance to become something someday?'”
  • He really loves helping people, he says he’s a natural at it and will do it until the day he dies.

So there you have it folks, Tebow doesn’t plan on going anywhere soon. Looks like he’ll be going from back-up quarterback to Florida state Senator in the future.

Catch the whole Q&A over at ESPN.com >

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