tim tebow denver broncos qb

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Tim Tebow is seemingly out of a job now that the Denver Broncos have landed Peyton Manning.(That’s assuming Peyton Manning can still physically throw a football, which isn’t a foregone conclusion, at all.)

Here’s what could happen to Tebow:

1. He’ll be traded. Mike Florio reported last week that Tebow would be traded if and when the Broncos signed Manning. He didn’t give any firm indication of where he would go, but he said the Jacksonville Jaguars are “in the mix.” Based purely on blind speculation, Jacksonville seems like the most logical destination — he played there in college, and the franchise desperately needs to start selling tickets.

There’s also a rumour on Boston.com that the Patriots would be interested in trading for him. Adam Schefter also reports that they’re trying to trade him, so this seems like the more likely option.

2. The Broncos will hang on to him. If Manning was healthy and younger, Tebow would be completely expendable. But given the fact that Manning is far form a sure thing, you could argue that the team ought to hang on to him, send him to the Peyton Manning school of quarterbacking for a few years, and see if he improves to the point that he could be a viable starter in a few years.