The ESPN QBR Says Tim Tebow Played Better Than Aaron Rodgers And Tom Brady This Weekend

Tim Tebow

Photo: Jeffrey Beall, Flickr Creative Commons

Tim Tebow’s performance on Sunday has earned him a start in the Broncos next game against the Dolphins. And according to ESPN, Tebow outperformed several of the NFL’s best quarterbacks.This past off-season, ESPN developed Quarterback Rating (QBR) a new stat designed to better evaluate the overall impact of a quarterback on his team’s chances to win a game. And it was Tebow’s all-around game that earned him the fifth-highest rating this past weekend.

Tebow’s four completions and 79 yards passing translated to a rating of 83.2 (out of 100), higher than both Aaron Rodgers (82.1) and Tom Brady (80.1) who both threw for 300 yards.

The Broncos rallied with Tebow under centre, which may have boosted his QBR, a stat that puts a lot of emphasis on winning games. Maybe too much. Sure it is a small sample, but any stat that says Tebow’s performance on Sunday was more impressive than Rodgers and Brady must be flawed.

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