Tim Tebow Did Something He Hasn’t Done All Year Yesterday

tim tebowing broncos tebowing

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Tim Tebow staged another crazy comeback yesterday against the Vikings.But that’s not news.

The real takeaway is this: Tebow actually threw the ball like a real, live quarterback.

Who knew he could do that?

For the first time all year, he threw for more than 200 yards passing (202).

He was able to scramble out of pressure and consistently stretch the field vertically, which we’d yet to see.

His performance comes with a pair of caveats:

  • His receivers were open by, like, 15 yards on almost all of his completions down field.
  • The Broncos were basically gifted the win when Christian Ponder threw a terrible interception deep in his own territory with a minute left.

But overall it was undoubtedly Tebow’s best performance as a passer since he became the starter.

And now, ridiculously, the Broncos are in the driver’s seat in the AFC West with four games to play.

Here’s his best highlight from yesterday: