People Are Going Nuts Over The ‘Tebowing’ Fathead

Tim Tebow Tebowing Fathead

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Earlier this week, Fathead introduced a Tim Tebow fathead in which Tebow is seen “Tebowing.” And in just two days, it is already the company’s best-selling product, surpassing Aaron Rodgers and Albert Pujols.According to Darren Rovell, the company has sold over 500 Tebowing Fatheads in the last two days. That doesn’t sound like much on the surface. But that represents 8.6% of the companies sales, and at $99 a pop, that is more than $50,000 in revenue.

The company does have several other Tim Tebow fatheads. But none of those are nearly as popular as “Tebowing.”

Maybe their next Tebow Fathead should show him Tebowing on top of an opponent that is Planking.