Tim Tebow struck out in his first at bat for the New York Mets

Tim Tebow made his highly anticipated (in some circles) debut for the New York Mets on Wednesday, playing in a split-squad game against the Boston Red Sox.

Tebow was the starting designated hitter for the Mets and was batting eighth. 

While nobody expects Tebow to make the Mets’ roster, the first bad sign for his future is that he is wearing No. 97 instead of his standard No. 15, the number that is being sold in Mets team stores. Numbers in the 90s are typically reserved for low-level minor leaguers who are just filling in when warm bodies are needed.

The next bad sign for Tebow came in the third inning when he had his first at bat. He was horribly late on a fastball from Rick Porcello.

Things just went downhill from there as Tebow struck out looking on a 1-2 fastball that caught the corner. Needless to say, Tebow did not agree with the call.


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