Tim Tebow Is Not A Role Model

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Tim Tebow seems like a good guy.He’s gives a boatload of money to charity.

He says all the right things.

And his faith — regardless of how it rubs you — comes off completely genuine.

But Tim Tebow is not a role model.

In the past few years, a series of very public, very ugly blunders have taught us to resist the urge to idolize sports figures.

Tiger Woods’ vast harem of women, Michael Vick’s double life as a dog-fighting kingpin, Brett Favre’s penchant for seducing women via dong shot, Joe Paterno’s alleged nonchalance when it comes to accusations of child sexual abuse — it’s a massive pile of evidence that we don’t know a damn thing about who athletes really are.

It feels like we know them because they come into our homes every week, we follow them on Twitter, and we heard from a friend that they opened a heath clinic in Kenya or something.

But that’s the irony — despite all the mechanisms that allow us greater access to the personal lives of athletes, we still know almost nothing about them.

Tebow is a litmus test for if we, as a culture, have learned from the Tiger Woods fiasco or not. And so far, it looks like we’re failing.

There was already a mum-on-the-street interview on “Sportscenter” last night where a women talked about how great it is that sports has a figure that kids can look up to. And every sportscaster who’s been within 25 feet of Tebow gushes about the guy nonstop whenever they have the chance.

But we don’t know if he’s a good guy. We don’t know if he’s a bad guy. We don’t know if he represents all that is right and good in the sleazy world of professional sports.

All we know about Tim Tebow is that he’s a football player. That’s it.