Tim Tebow Told Friends He Misses Home And Wants To Play In Florida

tim tebow florida

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Tim Tebow is not at all surprised with the Denver Broncos signing Peyton Manning and thinks something positive will come out of it, according to a story relayed to a Tampa radio station by one of his close friends.The wife of a former Florida Gators player who’s close to Tebow says she and her husband had dinner with him last week.

“I don’t think this comes as a shock or surprise to him that Manning was actually going to go there. And in all honesty, Tim said, ‘I miss home. I miss the South. And hopefully I’ll land somewhere in Florida.'”

Miami and Jacksonville have been mentioned as potential destination points, so Tebow sharing this sentiment isn’t surprising.

Another reason this story is to be believed: Tebow is nothing if not an infinitely positive person who looks for the good in every situation.

It appears he will do so with this bit of bad news as well.

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