Peyton Manning To The Broncos Would End Tim Tebowmania For Good

Peyton Manning Tim Tebow Denver Broncos

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It’s hard to keep up with all the Peyton Manning rumours, but if the anonymously-sourced reports are to be believed 12 teams are very interested.The leaders in the clubhouse, according to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, are the Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, and Denver Broncos.

Miami makes sense and the same report from Freeman states Peyton might have already informed Washington he’s not interested.

But the Denver Broncos present intrigue.

Denver already has a quarterback in Tim Tebow. He went 8-5 as a starter, including the playoffs. There are still plenty of doubts about Tebow’s chances to succeed long term as an NFL quarterback, though. So despite all the Tebowmania, his offseason will consist of trying to become more of a traditional pocket passer.

Broncos vice president John Elway said earlier this year that Tebow will be his quarterback next season. Even so, Pro Football Talk’s sources indicate that “the Broncos quietly have positioned themselves to make a significant push to land Manning.”

However, bringing Peyton on board could lead to myriad problems for the Broncos:

  • Do you trade Tebow or see if he can learn from backing up Manning? Knowing Tebow, he would say all the right things and not make a huge deal about being the backup
  • Fans will cry foul if Tebow is benched to start next season
  • If Peyton is unhealthy or ineffective, EVERYONE will be asking for Tebow to be put back in as the starter
  • How will Peyton feel if the Broncos start using Tebow in special packages or as the starter? Will he be unhappy with sitting out? YES

For now Peyton to Denver is in the “team has expressed strong interest” stage, but don’t count the Broncos out.

Elway knows first hand what a Hall of Fame calibre QB can do for your franchise. Even if he says Tebow is HIS guy, it’s more out of respect for the miracle playoff run he orchestrated in 2011 than any extreme confidence in Tebow’s abilities. He won’t be happy with another 8-8 season and would much rather have a proven signal caller like Peyton Manning.

Of course, no matter where Peyton lands, things may not pan out as well as he hopes.