Where In The World Is Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow

Photo: Illustration by Lorenzo Arguello/Business Insider

As soon as we heard of Peyton Manning working on a deal to become the next Denver Broncos quarterback, the first question that popped into our heads was, “What happens to Tim Tebow?”Trade rumours are swirling (and rightfully so), even though Denver is likely to get little in return for Tebow.

But the biggest mystery so far, more than three hours after the news broke (as of this writing), is that Tebow has yet to say ANYTHING.

In a world where stars, athletes or otherwise, control the message and release their own statements before answering reporters’ questions it’s surprising that Tebow has remained mum.

Tebow’s website makes no reference to today’s news, his Twitter account hasn’t sent out a tweet in the last week, and his Facebook page hasn’t been updated in 16 days.

Albert Breer of NFL Network says a phone call to Tebow was met with a “mail box is full” recording. No surprise there.

So…what the hell is Tebow waiting for?

Tebow’s last public appearance came on Friday when he was in Montgomery, Alabama for an event for the Cancer Wellness Foundation.

Is he back in Denver? With his family in Florida? In Columbus, Ohio being consoled by his former coach Urban Meyer? Sulking with supermodels? Crying on Taylor Swift’s shoulder?

We have ZERO clue.

What we do know is that Tebow is not going to let his reputation be tarnished based on a hasty reaction to losing his starting job to Peyton Manning.

Whenever he decides to release a statement or speak to a reporter it will be filled with nothing but niceties for both Manning and the Broncos organisation. Tebow will talk about how he looks forward to this new opportunity, wherever that may be, and how God will pull him through.

Meanwhile….dude, we’re waiting.

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